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Natural Glam Academy

Welcome to our Natural Glam Academy.  We hope that these quick tutorials will make you more knowledgeable about the beauty industry.  We have several classes or tutorials that will increase your comfort level when it comes to make up applications, hair care or any other saught out skill.

We live in a DIY society which causes limited interaction at times.  There are plenty of videos that cover certain topics but what if the students has questions.  This is where we step in as Professional Beauty Experts.

Please know that all of our classes are very interactive and we welcome questions from all of our students at any time.
We want you to feel comfortable and confident once you have completed one of our GLAM classes.

Please browse our upcoming courses as we add new courses every so often.  You may easily book if you select the book tab above.  The link will take you to our booking site and all of our courses are located under the classes tab.

Thank you and we look forward to servicing your educations needs.